Ranked: The Luckiest & Unluckiest Casinos in Washington State

In Washington, tribal casinos are a major draw, boasting 28 facilities run by 22 tribes, making 34 gambling spots throughout the state.


It's not just casinos that contribute to the gaming scene; card rooms and bingo halls also dot the landscape.

Who remembers as a kid waiting outside a card room while your parents gambled? I sure do!

What Casino In Washington State Has The Best Odds Of Winning?

Do you realize that the annual revenue from casino hotels alone reached an impressive $1.68 billion by 2023, while the total gambling receipts soared even higher at $3.8 billion in the same year?

Slot machines in a casino


Given the abundance of gambling options in Washington, the question arises: where is the luckiest spot to try one's hand at the casino?

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To answer this, Casino.com studied 15 popular casinos across the state to determine which ones might be considered the luckiest and, conversely, the unluckiest.

Casinos.com utilized Trip Advisor reviews to do an in-depth analysis so here are the official rankings of Washington's Luckiest and Unluckiest Casinos according to casinos.com:

credit: casinos.com
credit: casinos.com

It's so cool to see Legends Casino in Toppenish as the third luckiest casino in Washington.

Casino.com broke down their survey with these additional findings:

  • the ilani Casino, with an astonishing luck rate of 50.95%, reigns supreme as Washington's luckiest casino.
  • Next in line was the Nisqually Red Wind Casino and Legends Casino Hotel, with healthy luck-based keyword percentages of 31.73% and 28.9%. 
  • Based on the data, the Point Casino in Kingston will hold the unfortunate label of the "unluckiest"  casino in Washington for the time being.
  • The Little Creek Casino (16.98%) and 7 Cedars Casino (17.02%) also didn't perform as they would have desired in the study.
  • However, for 7 Cedars, it should be noted they had the second highest percent of four and five-star reviews at 72.34% - so while your luck might not be in, you're a pretty safe bet to enjoy your visit.

As you can see, there are plenty of places to get lucky in Washington, you've just got to pick your favorite and roll the dice, as for me, I'm headed to Legends Casino for a round.

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