Somebody left this at the bar (The Tin Hat Facebook)
Somebody left this at the bar (The Tin Hat Facebook)

People leave behind car keys, cellphones, wallets, and other items in bars, especially if they have a "really" good time. But this?

Kennewick bar seeks to reunite this leg with its owner

Three days ago, Sunday, the Tin Hat, located on East Bruneau in Kennewick, posted this picture on their Facebook page, with the caption reading:

 "If anyone is missing a leg please retrieve it from the Tin Hat"

No other information was given about when it was discovered, but presumably from the night before?

 The comment section is filled with quite a hilarious selection of statements, apparently, there is a regular well-liked customer who has a prosthetic leg who comes there often. Don't know if it's his, but if you are missing one, the Tin Hat would like you to get it.

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Probably the funniest remark has to do with "tonight's rendition of Footloose."

If it's yours, the number for the Tin Hat is (509)-430-1228.

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