Oregon State Department of Transportation
Oregon State Department of Transportation

WA drivers will be envious...

OR now allowing knowledge tests online from anywhere

Currently, WA state drivers have to take the knowledge portion of their driving test (questions from the WA DMV manual) at an approved testing location or driving school.

But now Oregon drivers, starting Wednesday, October 4th, can take that test anywhere that has "reliable internet."

According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, a driver can take the test provided their computer has a webcam, keyboard, and mouse.

According to Oregon officials:

"Teens under 18, DMV’s largest group of testing customers, need an adult 21 years or older to supervise their test as they take it.

The Class C (regular driver) knowledge test and motorcycle endorsement test are available online in English and Spanish. DMV plans to add additional languages in the future to serve even more customers."

 The OR DOT also said:

"The online test closely mirrors the testing screens shown in a DMV field office, so customers can expect a similar experience. There is no cost difference to use online testing."

  Once an Oregon driver has passed their test, they will be required to bring in their identity documents to an Oregon Licensing office and pass a vision test. They will then be issued a permit or can schedule a test drive.

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  Oregon officials say this will greatly speed up the process, and allow drivers, especially teens and younger persons, to get their license in a more time-efficient manner. Instead of having to make an appointment at a testing facility, which can sometimes take a while to set up, they can test from anywhere when they are ready.

   To learn more about this remote testing, click here. 

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