The Grant County Sheriff's Office North Idaho News, and multiple other law enforcement, media, or even business Facebook pages are having to deal with annoying new spammers.

Spammers post 'shocking' new video of crimes or events

The GCSO Tuesday urged readers to simply ignore these comments.  We've had a few dropped on our page as well.  Often they will say something like "shocking video of the crime,"  or "video reveals what really happened at the scene," etc.

Because it's a news or LE page, sometimes people will assume the comment or video is related to the story or post being shared. But, they're not.

The GCSO and other officials say these are coming from overseas spammers and could be an attempt to get you to click and possibly poke around so some of your data could be scammed.

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The GCSO says attempts to block them don't work because these are likely 'bot' or computer-generated fake accounts, and another one will just pop up and take its place.

So for now, they advice just scroll pas them and ignore them.

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