A little while back I was looking at the best conspiracy theories from Spokane as that place has some weird stuff about it. Well, I asked the good people of our good town the same question. Asking about some of the best conspiracy theories about Yakima and got back some amazing answers.

Have you heard any of these before?

Bobby says, "Yakima man was the guy in the bigfoot footage."

Sue said, "That Kurt Cobane lived on 53rd and Summitview with his aunt and went to 10 grade at West Valley."

Alyssa mentioned, "I know it’s not Yakima but Mel’s hole over in EBurg"
Sasha shared this YouTube video for more about Mel's Hole.

Leon: "That Delmonte veggie warehouse has barbed wire pointing inward towards the parking lot. To keep things in. That it has a one way turnstile to keep things in. It's water tower will be for guards. It's next to the train railway and court to make it easier to charge people with crimes and transport them to the execution camps. Maybe I'm just over thinking this but that parking lot is meant to keep people inside"

From Jesus Ramirez: "Yakima is where kenneth arnold landed to report his sighting of UFOs in 1947 around mount Rainier and Adams. Around the same time Navy fighters were scrambled at Pasco Navy base to intercept lights seen over the hanford reservation."

Jeremy said, "That Yakima is a test city for all kinds of stuff like *special water treatments” to see how the public reacts with out knowing that they’re a lab rat."

LateDateShredder: "Congdon Orchards. Head on down the rabbit hole my friend."

Sea_Ad_9684: "The thick walls and secret tunnels connecting certain buildings and they all lead to eagle lanes bowling center"

I have heard a lot about the underground tunnels. Many said they were used for slaves, many have mentioned it was for the people building the railroad to get to where they need to get to work quicker.

There were also several who brought up abductions, haunts, and a lot more.
Yakima is full of conspiracy. Keeps things interesting.

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