It seems like most people either love sushi or they can't get over the 'raw fish' of it all.

And if you love sushi, you'll know not all sushi contains raw fish, but that's something one can ease into if you're new to sushi with simple things like California rolls or cucumber rolls as we mentioned earlier.


If you're still teetering on what to try or maybe you're down to try something different, there's a place in Yakima that offers a deep fried sushi roll selection. I just had to try it.

This here is the Original King roll from Jessie's Sushi and Teriyaki.

John Riggs
John Riggs

This monstrosity features spicy tuna, crab, shrimp tempura in a roll that has been deep fried, then has slices of avocado on top drizzled with excellence. It's one to try for sure.

They have a few other deep fried rolls as well but soon as I saw this I knew I had to try it.

Spicy tuna, crab, shrimp tempura roll with avocado on top.

They also have a Yakima roll. I mean, it's called Yakima roll so I had to order it as well.

John Riggs
John Riggs

This one features spicy crab, spicy tuna, shrimp and seared shrimp on top with what they call a masago sauce. This was great, too.

They also have your standard fair of nigiri style sushi which is what you typically see. Kind of a small set of rice with something on top like fish or eel or whatever you're ordering.

John Riggs
John Riggs

This was at Jessie's Sushi and Teriyaki on south 1st in Union Gap (across from Jack in the Box).

To me, the highlight were both rolls and with so much more on the menu it'll make me return soon.

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