Washington State Labor and Industries (L&I) the minimum wage for Washington State will go up 3.4% from 2023 making minimum wage $16.28 an hour. That's higher than anywhere else in the entire country. That's more than California, more than New York, more than anywhere.

If you work a full 8-hour shift, you'd be making 130.24.

Work a full 40 hour work-week and you'd make 651.20.

That's before taxes, of course.

When I got my first hourly-wage job, I was pulling an amazing $4.00. It wasn't much but it was enough for me. I couldn't imagine the idea of making over $16 an hour when I was in high school. That'd be insane.

But things also cost a lot more now than they did back then so I totally get it.

The federal minimum wage is still set at $7.25 an hour. That ain't much. You can barely even get a breakfast sandwich for that price anymore, let alone live on a comfortable wage.


The reason for the increase is the outrage cost of living in places like Seattle can set the price as needed. Well, that's good news for us who doesn't have those high prices like the Seattle area does. We could still be better, but we're not them.

This minimum wage only counts for employees who are 16-years and older. If you're 14-15 and work in a place that allows that, the minimum is $13.84 an hour.

Oh, how I would have loved to make $13.84-per-hour when I worked in the mid-'90s. Oh well, it can't be helped.

L&I has more info for you as needed, if needed.

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