The viral stepson of the billionaire that died in the Titanic submarine expedition has his very own satirical song about his love for Blink-182.

Musician UltraGabe created a satirical song regarding the odd behavior of Brian Szasz, stepson of billionaire Hamish Harding, as he went to the band's concert while his step-father was missing and later confirmed dead.

"My dumb stepdad's drowning in a submarine / I'm rocking at the Blink show I'm gonna get his money / My dumb step-dad drowning in a submarine / I'm gonna be a millionaire and all I did was nothing," he sings in the song.

He teased that the full version of the song will be released on June 30 to streaming services and social media platforms. Fans quickly came in with responses, some untasteful while others used puns.

"I don't have enough oxygen to wait 5 days," one person joked. Another quipped, "I can't wait 6 days. I think 96 hours is more reasonable," referencing the amount of time left for oxygen on the craft, which was later deemed to have imploded. "You finally gave in to the pressure to release it then?" another added.

One fan in the comments section dubbed the track, "Sink 182!," which quickly caught on.

The creator responded to a series of comments remarking about the traction the video has gained. "That’s crazy!!! I’m glad it’s met with almost entirely joy and not hate," and said "prayers for the family," in a separate comment.

Szasz went viral after tweeting about his San Diego concert experience while his stepfather was still considered missing. He attempted to explain his actions in a since-deleted video and noted that he has a legal situation that keeps him in the area and is legally unable to get a flight or leave the country. This could be in reference to his 2021 arrest after he made threats via social media to people at a concert.

San Diego Superior Court records note that Szasz has five criminal cases against him since 2009.

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