Reddit is supporting a bride-to-be who refused to show her "competitive" engaged cousin photos of her wedding dress.

On Reddit, the bride-to-be explained that her cousin has been competitive with her ever since they both got respectively engaged.

"She even suggested I move my wedding date (after the venue had been paid for) because [my cousin] Jane wanted to be married that week (no other reason given)," the woman wrote in her post on the forum, adding that every time they see each other, their wedding-related conversations become "very intense."

Recently, the woman's cousin showed photos of her wedding dress and asked to see her "top contenders" in return. She refused.

"I honestly just want to keep it a surprise," the woman wrote, explaining she made it clear that she isn't interested in wearing a similar dress. "My wedding is first, and she seems to be having a lot of anxiety that I'll steal her dress."

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The woman shared that she knows her cousin and aunt will "hound" her for wedding dress photos and other details when she sees them next, but she doesn't want to tell them anything.

"For one, I'm quite busty, and I only have a pic of me in the sample dress where I'm basically spilling out of it. I just know they'll run around telling everyone my dress is inappropriate. For two, I don't want them making me feel insecure about any of my wedding decisions or trying to 'one up' everything I'll be doing," she continued.

Now, the bride-to-be is wondering if she made the right choice to keep her dress photos private: "She clearly thinks I'm hiding the fact my dress is similar, and it's making her very anxious. So everyone is telling me to just show her, and it'll make her feel better and that I'm just as problematic by 'fueling' the competition.

Reddit users in the comments shared their advice for dealing with the nosy cousin.

"Show her a picture of a dress you considered and tell her that is the dress. Then wear whatever dress you want to," one person wrote.

"I'd be so tempted to either take a picture in a very similar dress or something wildly different to what you are actually wearing and send her that," another commented.

"Showing her the dress is not going to make her stop, so there's no point. Sharing any info will only be giving her ammunition," someone else weighed in.

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