A man on Reddit is refusing to split proceeds from the sale of his former home with his ex-wife, who left their young son behind after they divorced.

In his post, the man explained that he and his wife were married for five years and had a son before they divorced.

After their split, the couple agreed he would keep ownership of their home and car, as well as pay off any medical and credit card debt, so she could return to her home country with a clean slate and no debt.

He also got "full custody" of their son, while "she got no alimony and no debt she had to pay off."

After the man eventually sold their home, however, his ex-wife contacted him asking for some money from the sale.

"A year and a half after the divorce, I sold the house to move closer to my family. She found out I had sold it and asked me for her share of the proceeds. I told her no and that when we divorced, she gave up all rights to that house," he wrote.

However, the woman's family members believe he was "wrong for not giving her any of the money," and now he's wondering if he did the right thing.

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Reddit users backed the man in the comments section.

"She wanted a clean slate with no debts. She is now complaining about those debts she abandoned not benefiting her. If she had not fled the country, she would have owed you child support. Her 'portion' of the house went to cover abandoned child support debt," one person wrote.

"She doesn't get to change the terms of the divorce after the fact. Her freedom from debt was her earnings from the house," another commented.

"The property division in a divorce is final," someone else shared.

"Did she forget she gave up everything? You know she legally can't do anything anyway, so who cares," another user wrote.

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