People think that Maya Hawke and actor Nicholas Galitzine are secretly married after the Idea of You star joked that the actress-singer's mom Uma Thurman was his mother-in-law on the 2024 Met Gala red carpet.

"There's my mother-in-law," Galitzine said of Thurman in an interview during fashion's biggest night on Monday (May 6).

He added, "And my mother, actually, I've worked with Uma twice."

Galitzine was referring to Thurman's role as President Ellen Claremont in 2023's Red, White, and Royal Blue on Prime Video and the 2019 supernatural horror Netflix series Chambers, respectively.

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"Pretty cool to see her ... She looks unreal," Galitzine went on.

However, some people took his joke about Thurman being his mother-in-law and ran with it, thinking that he's actually married to Maya, her daughter with Ethan Hawke.

"People not getting the [Red, White, and Royal Blue] reference and thinking he's dating Maya Hawke is sending me," one fan said.

"First of all why this have so many likes???? THIS IS A FAMILY BUSINESS Y'ALL DON'T KNOW FIRSTPRINCE LIKE WE DO GET OUT???????? also the people confused in the quotes thinking he's talking about Maya Hawke being his girlfriend lmao I'm giggling," another fan agreed in a tweet.

Someone else called the mix-up the "most Nicholas Galitzine thing he's ever done."

For one person, the confusion led to another discovery about the Stranger Things star being Thurman's daughter.

"The confused people on the quotes is how I find out Maya Hawke is Uma’s daughter???" the person tweeted.

One fan who was in on the joke still admitted that Galitzine's tone was convincing enough to trick someone who doesn't know that the actors worked together.

"With the confidence he said mother in law you’d think Maya Hawke had something to tell us," they tweeted.

Another person also joked about how Hawke is probably baffled by the confusion after the clip went viral online.

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