SM Entertainment is taking legal action against an alleged stalker who broke into a member of K-pop boy group NCT's hotel room and posted about it online.

On Aug. 21, the supposed fan uploaded several videos to Twitter showing what was allegedly NCT member Jaehyun's hotel room from when the group was on tour in the U.S. in October 2022.

The fan allegedly stole Jaehyun's hotel room key and entered the room when it was unoccupied.

"This was rushed bc the circumstances buttttt that hotel key card though," the person tweeted nonchalantly.

The videos show what appears to be stage outfits, a nightstand with water bottles on it, a pajama set that Jaehyun was seen wearing in official NCT video content, snacks, and even what appears to be the members' suitcases.

On Tuesday, Aug. 22, SM Entertainment officially announced that legal action will be taken against the fan.

"The leaked video is an illegal act that severely violates the artist’s privacy. We are collecting evidence against the initial uploader and all those who distribute the video. We will request the cooperation of domestic and international sites as well as legal firms to ensure a thorough investigation is conducted by law enforcement agencies," the company said in a statement, per Korean news site Naver.


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Fans who saw the post immediately called for action from SM Entertainment over the breach of the group's privacy.

"Prepare for jail because you’re going there weirdo," one person tweeted.

Others worried for Jaehyun's safety and criticized the fan's actions.

"Jaehyun is the most private man ever so to actually believe that he gave a fan his key card is just insane and even if they are friends you'd think his friend will just film his hotel room and post it for everyone to see? it's clearly some sick freak stalker and the fact that I'm seeing ppl defending that b---h is just insane, that girl is a psycho who wants attention," one person tweeted.

"I can’t imagine being Jaehyun and finding out someone broke into my hotel room months later.. I’d feel so unsettled and scared," someone else sympathized on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the fan is doubling down on her violation of Jaehyun's privacy.

"This whole thing was from 10 months ago anyways so we’re wayyyyy past it being relevant fr but obvs I’m purposely being vague so come up w whatever fan theories y’all want I’m always entertained," she tweeted after receiving the backlash.

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