Oh, snap! Orlando Brown just claimed that he had a baby with his former Disney Channel co-star Raven Symone in a truly wild interview.

On Apr. 8, Brown made the startling allegation in a new interview with Cam Capone News. Despite him talking in circles at points and going off topic, he truly claimed that he fathered a child with the Raven's Home actress. The clip of the interview has since gone viral on TikTok.

"You know, I have a baby with Raven, nobody knows that," he began. Then went on to ramble about a man "paying him nibbles to act like I could tell him when I don't tell you [the reporter]." He then described Raven as "so dope" before breaking into a song with the incorrect lyrics, "Nobody loves me like you love me."

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The interviewer had to put him back on track and inquired about the child. Brown went on another tangent and said that he calls her "Omina" and not Raven.

"Omina is a cool person, you guys know her as Raven-Symone. I got a baby, his name is Hunter, that's how you can describe that." He was then questioned why Brown has kept the child a secret all of this time, he then proceeded to go into another tangent where he spoke about "being put into a situation" and Omina's first baby daddy's name, "Nate Dog."

"So I came second," he continued. "So it's not like it's some rich dude chasing a baby mama or something like that."

Commenters on the TikTok were concerned about his mental state and noted how he jumps from one subject to the next in a disruptive train of thought.

In early 2016, Brown released a song called, “F–k My Fame,” in which he raps, “Raven aborted my baby.” However, in a later interview, he went back on his claim. “It’s like ‘Raven aborted my baby’ line. I said ‘it’s like,’” he somewhat explained of his lyric, “It’s clearly a play on words, and It’s a metaphor. Basically, what I mean by that is, y’all want me to go crazy, and then y’all mother f—--s want to play.”

Brown and his wife Danielle recently welcomed their second child, Annie Shyler Brown, in January 2024. They also share a son named Frankie along with other children from previous relationships.

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