A man on Reddit admits he publicly shamed his wife after she called his ex-wife and her heavily tattooed family "trailer park trash."

The man and his wife were having dinner with friends when the conversation turned to tattoos.

"My friend mentioned my ex/baby mama's brother has some seriously impressive tattoos. My wife made a comment about how their whole family is covered in tattoos and that my son would be covered in a few years," he wrote in his post, adding that his and his ex's 13-year-old son was sitting within earshot.

"I responded that I wouldn't mind as long as they weren't sh---y tattoos. She replied about him becoming unemployed trailer park trash like his mom's family," he continued.

Infuriated by her judgmental comments, the man shut his wife down by telling her he couldn't "believe you just said that," and reminded her not to pass judgment on people she doesn't know.

The man said he disagreed with her sentiment that tattoos signal unemployment and reminded her that most of his ex's family are happily employed, with several being business owners.

"The brother with the nice tats, for example, was a semi-professional boxer, has a master's degree, and owns his own business," he wrote, adding that while some of his ex's family have a bad reputation and "live in a trailer park," they have supported him and positively influenced his son's life.

"My ex's grandpa gave me my first job. Her brother helped me find a cheap car to buy and helped me fix it up. They were my family for years, and although I'm no longer close with them, they are still important to my son. I see their positive influence [on my son] all of the time," he continued.

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When he and his wife returned home from dinner later that evening, she called him an "a--hole for speaking to her like that in front of our friends and for defending my ex and making her look like a jerk in front of everybody."

"I was aghast. I slept in a different room and didn't speak to her for the rest of the night," the man concluded.

Reddit users in the comments supported the man for standing up for his son's mother.

"If stepmom didn't want to be called out in public, she could have kept her mouth shut in public," one Redditor wrote.

"NTA…Let someone tell me that my 13-year-old is going to become unemployed trailer trash. I'm going to have something to say, too," someone else commented.

"NTA. You were right to reprimand her. As for waiting until you were home, nope. She said it in front of everybody. She deserves to be set straight in front of everybody," another shared.

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