A man on Reddit claims his unemployed girlfriend won't stop eating all their food, and it's becoming costly.

In his post on the forum, the man explained his girlfriend got laid off from work six months ago and has "been unemployed since." Money has been tight as he has been paying most of their bills and expenses.

His main "problem" is that his partner "keeps eating all of our food."

"Like, all of it. We always run out of food money before my paycheck comes in. She'll eat everything she wants and leave me with plain crackers or lettuce. The cupboards will be bare, and I'll have to skip meals three days before my next paycheck because she's eaten everything," he shared.

The man shared that when he came home for lunch the other day, he only ate half his Subway sandwich and left the other half in the fridge for later. He told his girlfriend he would finish the sandwich for dinner that night, but when he got off work, "she'd already eaten it."

When he confronted her about her habits, his girlfriend told him she can't help it, as "she's hungry and she's stressed from being unemployed.

However, things reached a boiling point when his girlfriend ate most of the cupcakes the man had left in the fridge for his sister's birthday party.

"There was only one cupcake left out of a box of four full-sized ones," he wrote, admitting he "lost it" and began screaming at her to "stop f---ing eating everything."

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Reddit users backed the man's reaction in the comments section.

"They sell fridge lock boxes, and if she can't be trusted to leave your food in peace, then maybe it has to be locked away from her," one person wrote.

"She ate a birthday gift for your sister, and you've had to go without meals..." someone else commented.

"I don't think the yelling was the way to go, but you weren't fat shaming her. You're freaking going without food while she's eating more than her share. I had a significant other like this, and it's AWFUL. Being strapped for cash is hard enough, but being hungry on top of it? Noooo," another person shared.

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