A man on Reddit is being slammed for breaking his promise to pay for his son's wedding. His excuse? He doesn't like his son's fiancée.

"I don't like her at all," the man wrote in his post, calling the woman his son is engaged to an "egotistical ... insufferable woman."

The man promised to pay for each of his children's weddings, and has already paid for two of his kids' nuptial ceremonies. But now that his son is engaged, he's got cold feet. Instead, he wants to use the funds to pay for his "very smart" youngest child's education.

"There is this really expensive school in our city that I think would be good for her and help her get into a better college. I can only afford one thing, either put the money towards my daughter's education or give it to my son for his wedding," he explained.

His decision has caused a rift in his family, leaving his son heartbroken and his wife angry.

"My wife wants to give it to my son, but as it is my money (my wife and I have separate accounts), I decided to save it for my daughter. My wife and son both think I'm an a--hole, but I think my daughter's future is more important than a party," he concluded.

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In the comments section, Reddit users roasted the man for showing favoritism toward his children and for breaking his promise to his son for a petty reason.

"Someone does sound insufferable in this post, but it’s not your son’s fiancée," one person wrote.

"Unless you said to your son 'I promise to fund your wedding unless I don't like your fiancée,' you made a promise, and then you broke it," a different user wrote.

"I get the impression that [he] is only even using not liking his soon-to-be [daughter-in-law] as an excuse to give the money to his daughter instead. This makes me think there's probably a history of favoritism. Chances are their relationship will never be the same after this stunt," another commented.

"Don't make promises you cannot (or will not) keep. Secondly, if you never want your son to talk to you again, continue with this plan. He will hate you forever for showing such blatant favoritism towards other siblings," someone else wrote.

"Not just the favoritism, but also for not trusting your son to choose his own life partner. [Original poster], you're not marrying this woman. Your son is. If you love him, and he loves her, then maybe you just need to get over yourself and let your son live his life," another chimed in.

"You promised your son. You did not impose a condition. That is a bait and switch. Your daughter's private school education is ... irrelevant," someone else shared.

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