Reddit roasted a woman who called the police on her neighbors after they retrieved a misdelivered package from her porch.

In a Reddit post, the woman claimed she's been "at odds" with her next-door neighbors for four years and has called the police a number of times due to petty disagreements regarding property lines, pets and "loud" parties.

Recently, when the woman was out of town, she got a Ring doorbell notification about some activity on her porch.

"I pulled up the live feed and saw my neighbor on my patio," she wrote.

The woman asked her neighbor what he was doing, and he explained that one of his packages had been delivered to her home by mistake. The woman told him to leave and said her "friend would bring over his package when she comes over."

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However, her neighbor refused to leave without his package. "He shoved the package in front of the camera and said, 'That's my name and address ... I'm taking my package.' Then he walked away," she wrote.

The woman immediately called the cops and "told them that he stole a package from me, and I have video proof."

When the police arrived, the man was furious. He called the woman a "huge a--hole" for calling the authorities and said she needed to "take the police off speed dial and let them deal with more important s--t ."

In the comments section, Reddit users agreed with the neighbor and slammed the woman for unnecessarily escalating problems.

"You don't get along. But stop calling the cops for trivial matters!" one person wrote.

"You sound like the miserable neighbor in this scenario, not them," another commented.

"Your neighbor showed you the package that was clearly theirs, and you started s--t anyway. Wtf? Honestly, from what you've said, your neighbors aren't the problem here. You are," someone else weighed in.

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