Stray Kids fans slammed paparazzi at the 2024 Met Gala online after their "racist" treatment of the K-pop group during the red carpet event.

The boys became the first-ever K-pop group to attend the prestigious fashion event, following in the footsteps of other idols such as Blackpink's Rosé and Jennie, CL, Jackson Wang and others.

However, the momentous experience was tainted after fans discovered the paparazzi's rude reaction to the group's arrival on the carpet.

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"I'm legit so mad are these [paparazzi] that stupid and [racist]? who let them in ffs," a fan tweeted with attached videos showing photographers seemingly trash-talking the K-pop group.

In the video, the guys began their red carpet appearance with Tommy Hilfiger jackets on before they removed them to reveal their final looks.

After they removed the jackets, they turned to face the other side of the carpet.

"I've never seen so many unemotional faces in my life. They look like robots. Oh, the reveal? Now we have to do it again?" a photographer is heard groaning in the video after the group turned around to pose for more pictures.

"Everybody jump!" another photographer sarcastically commands the group in a second video clip.

Someone else shouted loudly over the chatter to rudely ask how to say a word in Korean while others laughed.

Another fan tweeted a longer video clip that showed the paparazzi saying more rude comments about Stray Kids as they posed.

"The amount of disrespect I’m hearing in this one video is insane. Like it doesn’t matter WHO is on that carpet, it’s really disrespectful. you are there to do your JOB. You get paid to take photos and here you are being incredibly disrespectful to the people who are helping you get that money?" the fan ranted.

"BRO I WAS HEATED," another fan tweeted in outrage.

Other fans in the replies to the tweets called the photographers' behavior "disgusting" and "f--ked up."

Met Gala 2024 Red Carpet Photos

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