Tyra Banks wasn't sure what to make of her courtside seat between two colorful furries at a recent Knicks-Nets basketball game.

On Tuesday night (Jan. 23), Banks was spotted sitting between the two furries at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., according to a video on TikTok.

Banks appeared amused by the furries in the TikTok video, but in a video posted to Twitter (X), she seemed more befuddled than anything by their presence as she glanced between the two.

Another video from Twitter (X) showed Banks reacting with her hands over her mouth as the furries interacted over her lap. Banks mouthed "What?" in disbelief during the exchange.

It is unclear why or how the furries ended up beside Banks, but the random interaction resulted in some truly hilarious videos.

Elsewhere in the night, the Barclays Center Twitter (X) account re-posted a photo of Banks at the game (sans furries), writing "SMIZE" in reference to the supermodel's iconic reality show, America's Next Top Model.

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According to Safer Schools, furries are "people who have an active interest in animal characters with human characteristics. These characters are often created by the community members themselves, who take them on as a 'fursona' (an alternate persona) who interacts with other ‘fursonas’ in the community via role-playing and art."

Some furries are based on real animals, while others are entirely fictional or based on mythological creatures. Members of the furry fandom are also known for meeting up at furry conventions.

"For many, it's just a cutesy avatar to represent yourself to people. For others, it's much more deep and meaningful," social psychologist Dr. Courtney "Nuka" Plante once described the community in a paper, according to Vox.

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