A woman on Reddit was stunned by her friend's bold request to put her babbling baby in another room, comparing the child to a dog.

The woman explained her "vocally child-free" friend came over to visit so they could plan a mutual friend's upcoming bachelorette party. The woman, who was holding her 9-month-old son when her friend arrived, noticed her friend became "immediately uncomfortable" when she saw the little boy.

"She [asked] me if I [could] put my son in a different room," the woman wrote in her post, adding she told her friend "no" and said she needed to watch the baby since he was awake and too young to be by himself.

Instead, she put the baby, who was "doing the happy baby yelling type stuff," in a nearby playpen.

Things took a wild turn, however, when the friend mentioned that the last time the woman visited her, she asked her friend to put her dog in another room because it kept "sniffing" and "slobbering" on her.

"I told her that is very different, and I'll leave him in his playpen," she wrote.

When the friend started arguing with her, the woman told her "she can leave." The friend called the woman an "a--hole" as she gathered her belongings and stormed out, and now the woman is wondering if she did the right thing.

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In the comments section, Reddit users were equally appalled and slammed the woman's friend for being selfish.

"She wanted you to put your 9-month-old, unsupervised and awake, in another room? And she compared it to a dog? Why is this person your friend?" one reader asked.

"Under no circumstances can you just put a crawling baby in another room unsupervised! Your 'friend' is a nut job to think that is even in the realm of options. Your baby is nothing like her dog. Your baby could actually die if left alone. And what the hell was he even doing that was so upsetting to her? Existing in her presence? She needs to get a grip," someone else wrote.

"I'm also what one might call 'vocally child-free.' That doesn't mean I hate children, and even if it did, that wouldn't be an excuse to be a d--k to them. Just because your 'friend' doesn't want to be a mother doesn't mean she gets to shame your choice or disrespect a ... baby," another commented.

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