A man claiming to be Diddy's neighbor says the rap mogul has busloads of girls come to his house late at night.

Diddy's Alleged Neighbor Accuses Puff of Bringing Girls to His Home by the Busload

On Tuesday (March 26), Say Cheese TV posted a video clip to Instagram of a man claiming to be Puff's next-door neighbor. The video, which can be seen below, shows the man driving past reporters surrounding what appears to be Diddy's home when it was being raided by federal authorities on Monday (March 25). As the man sits in the passenger seat of a silver Bentley, he calls out to a person holding a camera and accuses the Bad Boy Entertainment mogul of bringing young girls to his home by the busload under the veil of night.

"Tell him to stop bringing all them minors over here late at night," the unnamed neighbor screams toward the person holding the camera in the video below. "I live right next to him. He do too much. He be bringing in buses, like big-a*s buses. You could see all type of s**t hop out. Especially at night time, like three in the morning. It gets wild. I'm his neighbor. If my basketball go over there, I just let it be ’cause I don't want to knock on the door."

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The man's claims arrive one day after Diddy's homes in both Los Angeles and Miami were raided by Homeland Security agents as part of a reported sex trafficking investigation.

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In the video clip below, watch the man who claims to be Diddy's neighbor accuse the Bad Boy mogul of bringing minors to his home by the busload.

Watch Diddy's Neighbor Claim Puff Brings Minors to His Home by the Busload

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