Diddy's shares of Revolt TV have reportedly been scooped up by an anonymous buyer.

Unknown Buyer Reportedly Purchases All of Diddy's Shares of Revolt TV Network

According to a report published by TMZ on Tuesday (March 26), every last share of Revolt TV that Diddy owned has been purchased. The popular celebrity gossip site's sources claim Diddy sold the network's shares for an undisclosed amount to a buyer who currently wishes to remain anonymous. The only information provided on the person or persons who've purchased Diddy's stake in the company is that they have a "deep passion for Black culture" and that they will make a public announcement regarding the purchase in the coming weeks.

XXL has reached out to both Diddy and Revolt TV to confirm the purchase and to provide an official statement.

Diddy Steps Down From Revolt TV's Executive Board

Diddy officially stepped down from his role as chairman of Revolt TV this past November, exactly 10 years after he cofounded the company in 2013. Puff removed himself from the network's executive board following the litany of lawsuits that were filed against him earlier that same month, all of which were packed with sexual assault allegations.

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50 Cent Shows Interest in Buying Revolt TV

While the entity that purchased Diddy's shares of Revolt remains anonymous at this time, 50 Cent adamantly expressed his interest in buying the TV network last fall. In November of 2023, Fif immediately threw his hat in the ring following the news that the Harlem hip-hop exec was no longer part of the company's operations.

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The timing of Diddy selling his shares of Revolt TV is certainly interesting given the fact that the news breaks just one day after his homes in Los Angeles and Miami were raided by federal agents.

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