Drake's dad, Dennis Graham, is implying that rappers are now beefing with his son just to get more popular.

Drake's Father Calls Out Other Rappers He Thinks Are Beefing With His Son for Clout

On Monday (March 25), Drake's father hit up Instagram amid the many apparent issues Drake is having with other rappers. Graham seems to believe that Drizzy has become a target for those who wish to gain popularity in the music industry by putting his son in a negative light.

"Yo I am about to drop some new music and I am not sure if it's going to sell," Dennis Graham's tongue-in-cheek IG post reads below. "But I am going to call some of my homies and get them start a beef with Drake and get them to unfollow him and that's going make my s**t shoot up to number 1, I'm sure this is going to work so let me get some people on board for this and watch what kind of attention this gets!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL BE NUMBER ONE 1Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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Drake Embroiled in Rap Beef

Dennis Graham's roundabout observation comes just as Drake appears to be embroiled in a litany of beef within the hip-hop space. On Friday (March 22), Kendrick Lamar dissed Drake on Future and Metro Boomin's new song "Like That." Kendrick's guest appearance has left many speculating that Drizzy also has beef with Future, which is rumored to be over a woman. However, Metro Boomin claims the rumors are untrue.

Subsequently, other people across the internet seem to believe that Nav is also currently having issues with Drake after he allegedly unfollowed Drizzy to show his allegiance to Metro Boomin, as he and the 6 God are also rumored to not be on the best of terms.

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Check out what Dennis Graham has to say about rappers beefing with his son in the Instagram post below.

See Drake's Dad Implying that Rappers Are Starting Beef With His Son to Go No. 1

Drake’s Dad Implies Rappers Are Starting Beef With His Son to Go No. 1

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