Kodak Black's cocaine possession case has been dismissed.

Kodak Black Cleared of Charges in 2023 Arrest

On Wednesday night (April 17), Yak's attorney Bradford Cohen announced an update in the South Florida rapper's latest legal matter. He posted a court document on Instagram.

"Count 2 is now dismissed of Kodaks 'possession of cocaine that wasn't cocaine case that should have never been filed or brought by the Broward State Atty Office," Cohen captioned a screenshot on IG of a court document revealing the case has been cleared. "We showed them his script prior to filing, and they decided to file anyway... even knowing the officer was wrong about the substance and his story changing and making no sense. That case is now completely dismissed."

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Kodak Black's Arrest and Release

Kodak Black was arrested on Dec. 7, 2023, in Plantation, Fla. Police say they approached the rapper for being illegally parked in his Bentley and later discovered him trying to conceal a white substance police said later tested for positive cocaine. Ten days later, Yak was taken into federal custody for a possible probation violation in connection to the arrest. Later tests proved the white substance was Oxycodone, which Kodak is prescribed to have. In February, a judge dismissed one count of possession of Oxycodone. However, the rapper was still on the hook for evidence tampering, which was recently thrown out. Yak was released from jail a week later.

Kodak Black Puts Legal Issues Behind Him

With his legal issues now behind him, Kodak Black is looking to keep his nose clean, especially since the charges could have had bigger consequences. Kodak is still on probation from 2019 federal firearms charges after having his sentence commutated by then President Donald Trump in 2021. It's been a rough few years for the rapper, who has been called into court for failing and refusing to take drug tests on multiple occasions. With a new child who was born in February, Yak may be looking to turn over a new leaf.

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Check out Kodak Black's attorney revealing the rapper's case has been dismissed below.

See Kodak Black Attorney Post About Getting the Rapper's Case Dismissed

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