Is it a little on the pretentious side? Maybe. Does it look like's he's trying too hard to be avant garde? Some might think so, but that doesn't mean that Jaden Smith's video for his new song "Fallen" lacks entertainment value.

The clip starts off in 1867 Calabasas, Calif., and you see Smith get shot by an invisible gun, which makes him bleed and die slowly. He also does some traditional performance shots on top of a hill under a beautiful California sunset, which could be considered the highlight of the video.

In terms of the actual song, the 18-year-old displays a solid singing voice with stellar vibrato.

"Look, your love's like a river, bae / I've seen better days / And my soul you penetrate, I need your energy / Vibrations make me levitate, sipping Hennessy," he croons.

To announce the vid, Smith's pal Kid Cudi helped him out by sending a tweet, and he also showed the singer's Man on the Moon: The End of Day album in the clip.

"I am honored to debut the epic visuals for my lil' bro Jaden's new jam "Fallen," wrote Cudi. "Watch and Fly."

You can see the new video below, and look out for the teen's forthcoming album SYRE.

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