Oh, James Franco… The actor who has made a career out of being unpredictable has done it again. Franco will direct an untitled film that will chart the very different lives of himself and Lindsay Lohan. Yes, we know. WTF. Read on for the best explanation we can offer…

Though the film will follow the lives and careers of “two Hollywood celebrities,” neither Franco nor Lohan will appear in the film – at least not as themselves. According to The Guardian, the production is looking for actors to play a Franco and a Lohan in the film, which will follow the two actors from the ages of 13 – 60. (Pardon our honesty, but is it a given that Lohan makes it to 60 years of age?)

Both Lohan and Franco appeared in uncredited roles in 2006′s ‘The Holiday’ and almost collaborated on a book of explicit erotica from photographer Terry Richardson. Lohan told the New York Post last year that she and Franco are “best friends” but we’ve yet to hear that sentiment echoed by Franco himself.

It’s the latest curious move from Franco who next year will appear in a $200 million Disney movie (‘Oz, The Great and Powerful’) and an indie move from Harmony Korine (‘Spring Breakers’). Lohan just filmed her big “comeback” role in the Lifetime original movie ‘Liz & Dick.’

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