JAY-Z is missing out on a huge chunk of cash by refusing to allow Spotify stream his latest album, 4:44. How much? Hov is forfeiting weekly checks of close to a million dollars, according to Billboard.

The projected number is based on "share of the market and the average rate paid per song stream." However, others project that the payout would be closer to $250,000 if he put the LP on Spotify's paid tier for seven days. Either way, that's a big sum to be leaving on the table.

Jigga initially released the album exclusively through his streaming service, Tidal and telecommunications giant Sprint. He later released the project through iTunes and Apple Music, but has yet to give Spotify the rights to the LP. There may be more to Spotify not getting the record than just not wanting to give his work to a rival company.

“[JAY-Z] would choose to frame this as potentially saying all music should be paid for and positioning his release against Spotify’s free tier,” said MIDiA Research analyst Zach Fuller. “Whether or not that argument stands up depends on who you speak to. You can commend Spotify for engendering this audience that previously would be downloading the music illegally.”

Despite not being on Spotify, 4:44 has been one of the top releases of 2017, sales wise.

Jay is on pace to drop a video for all the songs on the project, after releasing visuals every week since the album has been out. The most recent treatment for "Kill Jay Z" came out yesterday (July 21).

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