Jennifer Lopez made her return to the Bronx, N.Y., to kick off State Farm's Neighborhood Sessions last night, June 4 -- and her career-spanning set mixed the nostalgic and the new with emotion and heart. Fans and community members were dancing and singing along to hits like 'Love Don't Cost a Thing,' 'Waiting for Tonight' and 'I Luh Ya Papi,' and the crowd gave a unanimous "Awww" as Jennifer brought herself to tears performing Barbra Streisand's 'My Man,' one of her childhood favorites, in dedication to her mom.

Before the show began, local artists painted murals and local musicians performed around the field at Orchard Beach in Pelham Bay Park, adding to the feel-good "neighborhood" experience. JLo's 90-minute concert, set in front of a cool digitally lit cityscape background, was full of highlights. (And don't worry, 'Jenny From the Block' closed her homecoming concert.) PopCrush's Top 5 moments of the show are listed below!

5. Jennifer Lopez brought back that iconic green Versace dress.

At the Grammys in 2000, JLo's stunning Versace dress with a plunging neckline had everyone talking. Its bold cut -- double-sided tape was her friend that night -- turned heads back then, and it became as famous as her biggest hits. When she made her entrance wearing a similar (though not the same) version of that classic gown, she definitely had all eyes on her again!

Jennifer Lopez
Kevin Mazur, Getty Images

4. Ja Rule joined her onstage for 'I'm Real' and 'Ain't It Funny.'

'I'm Real' and 'Ain't It Funny' were made even better thanks to a surprise assist by Ja Rule -- an unexpected but more then welcome appearance. Any pop music fan could appreciate being brought back to the early 2000s with these tracks.

Jennifer Lopez Ja Rule
Dave Kotinsky, Getty Images

3. She sang Selena's 'No Me Queda Mas,' making us want to watch 'Selena' again ASAP.

Jennifer Lopez's starring role in the movie 'Selena' was a breakthrough point in her career, and seeing her perform a Selena song for this crowd -- her NYC peers that have been watching her ascent into stardom from the time she was their neighbor, many of which clearly loved Selena as well -- was one of the special points of the night.

2. She really brought it back to the block with 'I Luh Ya Papi.'

'I Luh Ya Papi' is a lighthearted (and super catchy -- just try to stop singing that chorus after you listen to it...) track with a cute video, but Jennifer cemented it with more personal meaning at her Bronx show. She opened the song sitting on a makeshift stoop onstage with her girls, recalling her pre-fame Bronx days.

1. She tried to educate the community about healthy eating.

JLo's an entertainer, but she's also contributed to bettering the community that she remembers as home. The Lopez Family Foundation has reportedly donated $250,000 to the Center for Healthy Childhood in an effort to teach kids how to live and eat healthier, preaching a message that all families can learn from. Jennifer herself admits that she grew up without the knowledge about how to eat healthy -- it's something she had to teach herself later in life. Before her performance began, a video of her speaking to the crowd about the importance of fruits and vegetables being the core of families' diets played, which really felt like a nice way for her to use her celebrity influence to make a difference in the place that she grew up in.

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