Welp! It was over in a flash!

I hate to say "OMG I TOLD YOU SO LOL!" but OMG, I told you so LOL!

Reesha On The Radio Rule #1: Do not date someone you really like if they just broke up with someone because you will only be the REBOUND CHICK (or GUY)!

Multiple sources from US Weekly, VH1, and even OK Magazine, are declaring the breakup of Hollywood "It Girl", Jennifer Lawrence, 24, and Chris Martin, 37, from the band Coldplay. The breakup is reportedly because they both have "insane work schedules" but that is code for "We ain't over our exes yet."

They only dated for four months, so there was no need to break out the names of wedding photographers, yet lots of fans are already feeling sad over the news announced yesterday.

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