Joaquin Phoenix is open to another Joker movie in the future, but is unsure whether or not it will happen. Back in 2019, Joker exploded at the box office, grossing $1.074 billion and becoming the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time. It was also critically acclaimed, earning 11 nominations at the Academy Awards, including a win for Phoenix for Best Actor. After the movie’s monstrous release, talks of a sequel were naturally springing up. But don’t hold your breath — according to Phoenix, there’s no follow-up in development.

Speaking with The Playlist about his upcoming role in Mike Mills’ C'mon C'mon, Phoenix addressed the rumors surrounding Joker 2. When asked if he would be returning to Gotham City as the complex villain, he replied: “I mean, I dunno. From when we were shooting, we started to —you know, uhh, this is an interesting guy. There are some things we could do with this guy and could [explore] further. But as to whether we actually will? I don’t know.”

So there you have it. The answer to whether or not Joker 2 will happen is a resounding “I dunno.” Considering the staggering success of Joker, it does appear on the surface like a missed opportunity for Warner Bros. But there are a lot of factors that go into the decision to make a sequel. Considering the film industry would slam to a temporary halt not even 6 months after its release, the logistics of a Joker sequel may not have been possible at the time.

Who knows what the future holds for the Clown Prince of Crime? At the very least, we can feel assured that Phoenix would be up for another standalone Joker movie if the project arose.

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