Joe Jonas has been sued for a car accident he wasn't even involved in.

According to TMZ, a woman has filed a lawsuit against the DNCE singer, claiming his assistant was driving his 2012 Audi A6 in Hollywood when she made a left turn that resulted in a collision with the plaintiff. The court documents state the accident occurred in March 2016.

The woman's lawyer, Gerald Marcus, told TMZ his firm ran the plates and confirmed the car is registered to the middle Jonas brother. There was supposedly no police report filed nor were there any witnesses.

Despite the lack of proof, the woman is suing both Jonas and his assistant for negligence, claiming she suffered physical injury in the collision, as well as mental pain, incurred medical expenses and lost earnings.

This lawsuit is probably the last thing the pop star wants to deal with, as he recently endured a near break-in earlier this month at his home in San Fernando Valley, California. He's also currently planning his wedding with fiancée Sophie Turner, although the Game of Thrones star has made it clear they won't be doing any heavy lifting until after the eighth and final season of the hit show.


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