Joey King is a free woman—free from hair maintenance, anyway!

On Instagram Monday (October 8), the young actress revealed she shaved off all her hair for her upcoming role on Hulu's anthology series, The Act.

Speaking to Allure, King admitted she's "never really had an attachment to [her] hair."

"I couldn't care less what happens to it. No part of me was nervous or was second-guessing it. So many people would ask me, 'Are you really scared?' or 'Are you nervous?' or say, 'You're so brave.' And I'd go, 'I'm not brave, I'm just cutting my hair off,'" she explained to the magazine.

With her bold new look, King added she's been experimenting more with her makeup.

"Some days I feel like just throwing on a little mascara, a little bit of a dewy highlight, and then some lip gloss and I'm gone. Some days I want to have a wing and a nice eye shadow. But it's honestly just a preference thing because makeup, especially when you have no hair, is so fun to play around with. I have so many different options."

See her new 'do, below:

But this isn't the first time King's shaved her hair off: She previously rocked a near-bald look in 2012's The Dark Knight Rises, as well as for 2014's Wish I Was Here, in which she shaved her own head on-camera while in character.

"I know this sounds crazy, and not a lot of people will agree with me, but I think every woman should shave her head at least once in her life," King told Allure "It's not like they're going to regret it 10 years down the line when their hair is long again. It's something that's very freeing, really fun, and really empowering."

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