Alec Baldwin won't be playing Donald Trump forever, which is unfortunate, but Saturday Night Live won't lack for star power when they need to replace him. Johnny Depp told Ellen DeGeneres he'd be happy to step into the Donald's (probably small) shoes when Baldwin decides to step aside.

"If [Baldwin] ever stops doing it, though, would you do it on Saturday Night Live?" Ellen asked.

"Sure," Depp replied, in about as straightforward an answer as anyone's ever given on a talk show. "Basically, Alec's done all the work. I can just copy him."

But if he does want to copy Baldwin, he'll have to start from scratch. Depp admitted to Ellen he's never actually seen Baldwin's Trump impression, which she says "shocked" her.

"Well, I've seen Trump do Trump, which is a shock to me," Depp joked.

Baldwin started doing Trump on SNL in October 2016, at the height of the presidential campaign, for the season 42 premiere:

Since then, he's appeared as Trump 20 more times, so it wasn't all that surprising when he mentioned he wouldn't be doing it too much longer. Keep in mind, he's not even a cast member on the show -- he's just doing this for fun.

So, how would Depp fare as Trump? No need to wonder, because he's already done it. About a year ago, he played Trump in the Funny or Die special The Art of the Deal: The Movie. And he was quite good.

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