It's over…for now.

In a move that will shock no one, since we've been bracing for impact for the entire month of October, the Jonas Brothers have confirmed their split. The confirmation that they are dunzo comes after the brothers admitted to a deep rift within the band, canceling their tour on the eve of its Philadelphia launch earlier this month and remaining mum about the future during public appearances.

The Jo Bros. confirmed the news to PEOPLE, with expectant father Kevin Jonas saying, "It's over for now." We'll be the eternal optimists and take that as a nugget of hope about the future.

Youngest brother Nick, who appears to have facilitated the split, said, "It's really hard to say 'forever.' We're closing a chapter, for sure."

Until the reunion tour, of course.

Joe, who attempted a solo career in 2011, said, "It was a unanimous decision."

Apparently, the brothers had a meeting on Oct. 3, where Nick revealed his doubts and concerns about the band and its future, as well as his role in the trio.

"I was feeling kind of trapped," he said. "I needed to share my heart with my brothers."

At the end of the day, they are bonded by blood, so this shouldn't shake the Jonas family foundation.

Perhaps they will take some time away and regroup. Or perhaps this really is the end...for good.

R.I.P., Jo Bros...for now.

We are left wondering what will happen to their album 'V,' which was announced and which they were working on. It'll likely be shelved. Sigh.