On April 7, the Jonas Brothers discussed their new single 'Pom Poms' with Fuse anchor Alexa Chung. The trio also took a moment to put the 'Pom Poms' down in order to meet with Cassie Smyth, 14, and Nicholas Anderson, 6, both of whom performed at the Garden of Dreams talent show on April 16 at Radio City Music Hall in NYC.

Garden of Dreams is a Madison Square Garden-related charity that helps children facing obstacles enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and these lucky kids enjoyed some up close and personal time with the Jo Bros.

The Jo Bros recently headlined Radio City themselves, and this week, they got to meet two youngsters who performed there as part of the talent show, as well.

Maybe Cassie or Nicholas will grow up to have a similar measure of success as the Bros. Jo. Anything could happen and hopefully the kids were able to glean some inspiration from the cute and talented brothers, who appear totally psyched to be spending time with these youngsters.

Isn't little Nicholas the cutest thing ... ever? He's totally working it with Joe Jonas. Adorbs! We just wanna chew him up. He looks like such a charmer with his hands perched on his hips. We can't.

Angela Cranford / MSG Photos

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