At long last, the screenings of Star Wars: the Force Awakens have begun to gradually trickle down through the populace. Last night in Los Angeles, the most beautiful and famous among us had the privilege of bearing witness to J.J. Abrams’ go at a seventh installment of the treasured sci-fi franchise. In a few hours, non-famous and non-beautiful film critics (such as myself) will haul their mole-person carcasses to the local theater for press screenings, and then the general public will flood the multiplexes beginning Thursday night and will continue to do so for what might sincerely be weeks. For the moment, however, all knowledge of the Force Awakens rests with those fabulously famous enough to have scored an invite to the premiere.

Present at this night of glitz and glamour was A-lister Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Demonstrating a clear understanding of the expected dress code at a big Hollywood red carpet, the Golden Globe-nominated actor arrived clad in Chuck Taylor sneakers colored to resemble a watermelon, fleece pajama pants emblazoned with Yoda’s face, an earth-tone undershirt, and a form-masking bathrobe tied in the front. Also, he wore a green beanie to which he had affixed Yoda-appropriate ears. Also also, he painted his face green.

The self-outed Star Wars fanboy wasn’t the only one to commit to a costume for the big shindig. The Office alum Rainn Wilson tweeted (erroneously, it turns out) that he and his son were the only ones dressed in costume for the premiere after they arrived in full Jedi garb. It was a more lighthearted affair than Tinseltown usually staged to commemorate a new film, but we can all rest assured that it will pale in comparison to the three-ring freak show about to be unleashed in the days to come.

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