Tonight on ‘American Idol,’ soul man Joshua Ledet was challenged to sing a song from the ’80s, and even though the 19-year-old powerhouse wasn’t even alive in this era, he nailed Simply Red’s cover of ’If You Don’t Know Me by Now,’ which was a hit for the English band back in 1989.

Ledet admitted to being “spoiled” by his family back at home, but he seemed all man and not a bit mama’s boy tonight during his incredibly performance. 

Ledet received some words of advice from mentors Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal of No Doubt before his performance. After watching Ledet sing, Stefani said, “He obviously has incredible vocal gymnastics. It’s insane what he can do with his voice, but sometimes I think it can be too much.”

After toning it down a bit at certain points, Ledet graced the stage in a pin-striped blazer, looking like a true gentleman as he completely owned the song with his larger-than-life vocals. While he showed off his amazing vocal abilities, Ledet kept restrained in certain parts rather than becoming too exaggerated on the whole.

After he received a standing ovation, Ledet was met with huge praises from the judges. We wholeheartedly agreed with J. Lo when she said, “We asked for a powerhouse performance and that’s what we got. Joshua you know what I love so much, in the beginning you came out, but you held back … It was spectacular.” We also felt the same sentiments as Randy Jackson when he told Ledet, “It’s very rare [in a performance] that I want to stand up from beginning to end.”

Watch Joshua Ledet Perform ‘If You Don’t Know Me by Now’ on ‘American Idol’

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