When I first saw this pic I thought it was gonna be 'JB' pullin' a Michael Jackson and dangling a baby...but no.

Justin Bieber has mad love for Beliebers. He offered an impromptu serenade to a throng of screaming fans in Paris while perched on a balcony. The singer, who suffered a concussion after walking into a glass wall in the City of Light, is a complete and total crowd pleaser.
Holding a megaphone, wearing a leather jacket and flanked by an acoustic guitarist, The Biebs sang a bar of his latest smash ‘Boyfriend,’ the whole “Na na na na na” part, and the ladies down below sang along with him, at the top of their lungs. Oh, how we love an impromptu jam sesh!

The vid, which is just over a minute long, then cuts to The Biebs asking fans to hush, by putting his finger to his mouth. Of course they obliged him and quieted down… for a hot minute. He blew them a kiss and that was the end of the silence.

We just feel bad for the people nearby who were working, shopping, eating or engaged in other activities, who were likely disturbed by the shrieking of the Beliebers. They are not known for being a quiet or easy to contain bunch. Hello, Norway!

And the Bieber Fever rages on. Are you afflicted?

by: Amy Sciarretto/Pop Crush

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