Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty and a few other shows, recently made headlines when it was revealed that he was facing a domestic violence charge stemming from an incident in 2020. But now those charges have been dropped, after the district attorney found that there was insufficient evidence to prove the case. Roiland was facing one felony count of domestic battery with corporal injury and one felony count of false imprisonment by menace, violence, fraud and/or deceit.

Just because the charges have been dropped doesn't mean that Roiland is necessarily innocent; but it does mean that in the eyes of the law, he's not guilty. Roiland's attorney, T. Edward Welbourn, spoke with Variety to state the following:

I commend the Orange County District Attorney’s Office for conducting a thorough review of the facts and deciding to dismiss the case against Justin. I’m thankful justice has prevailed.

Roiland himself also posted a statement of his own to his Twitter account.

“I have always known that these claims were false,” he wrote, “and I never had any doubt that this day would come. I’m thankful that this case has been dismissed but, at the same time, I’m still deeply shaken by the horrible lies that were reported about me during this process. Most of all, I’m disappointed that so many people were so quick to judge without knowing the facts, based solely on the word of an embittered ex trying to bypass due process and have me ‘canceled.”

You can see his full comment below:

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When the charges against Roiland first came to light, he was removed from his roles on Rick & Morty and Solar Opposites and both Adult Swim and Hulu cut ties with the creator, writer, and voice actor. Thus far, neither has commented on the news of the charges’ dismissal.

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