A number of Kanye West fans are suing the Chicago rapper after they claim Kanye tricked them into getting Tidal, promising the streaming service would be the only place you could hear The Life of Pablo album.

According to TMZ, Kanye responded to the class action lawsuit by saying that multiple versions of The Life of Pablo were released following the original February 2016 release but the original version of the album can only be heard on Tidal.

Fans have also accused the rapper of backing out of a promise that claimed the album would never be available on Apple Music. However, Kanye claims another tweet of his proves that different versions of the album are available elsewhere. On March 15, 2016, Kanye tweeted, “Fixing Wolves 2day… Worked on it for 3 weeks. Life of Pablo is a living breathing changing creative expression. #contemporaryart.”

While it’s true that there were multiple versions of The Life of Pablo containing different versions of the songs, only the most recent version of the album is available on Tidal, Spotify and Apple Music. This can easily be seen by an extended tracklist which features the song “Saint Pablo.”

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