Kat DeLuna has just released her sexy new video for ‘Wanna See U Dance,’ and in it the 24-year-old is so hot, she’s making it rain.

The Bronx native is shown in the  jungle, encircling the man of her desires. The footage is mixed with scenes of DeLuna flipping her short blonde bob and demonstrating her dance skills, naturally. Later we see the singer getting up close and personal with her man as rain pours down. Something has to put out that fire!

The steamy clip took some work, though. In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, DeLuna said, “I learned how to dance samba, so I had to dance samba on a slippery floor with water, so I was like, ‘Omigod, I hope I don’t fall, please don’t do this.’ I had this scene for the first time ever; I did like a love scene. And I thanked God that the water was cold because the guy was hot,” she gushed. “He looked like Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s like a hot top model, so that was fun.”

‘Wanna See U Dance’ was co-written by DeLuna and one of her “best friends,” and offers nods to several genres. She added, “It does have the whole Kat DeLuna sound, which is Latin infused with pop, but I wanted to bring in a little bit of the dub step that you guys will hear in the bridge. That is like a new form of dub step, how they’re doing it in the U.K., and then influence it with a little bit of Brazilian-esque music.”

‘Wanna See U Dance’ will be featured on DeLuna’s new album, ‘Viva Out Loud,’ due out this fall.

Watch the Kat DeLuna ‘Wanna See U Dance’ Video

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