Celebrity tattoo artist, reality star and makeup mogul Kat Von D made headlines yesterday after announcing she'd ended all associations with makeup artist-sometime musician Jeffree Star (what, you don't use Instagram to explain soured friendships?). As she promised in her July 20 Instagram post, Kat posted a video fully explaining why she's done with Star and will pull the "Jeffree" shade from her cosmetics collection.

"I think it comes off very harsh, and I can understand why there'd be a reaction not just from my own fans but from Jeffree's fans as well," the former LA Ink star said in her nearly 14-minute-long testimonial, which has received more than 1.6 million views since Tuesday (July 19). "And in no way is this video or my post meant to bash anybody, I'm just simply stating the truth — stating the facts."

Among the occasionally vague "facts" cited: Star's mistreatment of fans and competing brands, including an incident in which he commanded his followers to declare war on a lip gloss company that had mistakenly listed a product as vegan.

"And I remember thinking, wait, you're not even f---ing vegan," she says in the clip, which she recorded in Singapore. "I mean you like to put that word on your packaging so you can bring in the vegan bucks, but like, you totally eat animal products." She also claims Star has endorsed other makeup brands that test on animals.

But Von D's complaints aren't limited to semi-tiresome rants on the sanctity of veganism and brand respect: More significantly, she claims that she played a much larger role in founding Star's makeup line than he claims, naming professional contacts she connected Star with that he allegedly cheated out of compensation. Watch Kat vent and present her supporting evidence in the video above.

Star, meanwhile, has tweeted that he hasn't seen Von D in over a year, refuted Kat Von D's claims that Jeffree stole its logo and shorted graphic artist B.J. Betts for his work.

"This witch hunt mentality is so disturbing," Star tweeted. "@bjbetts  and I are 100% fine. People hear one little story and act like its a fact." He also promised his own video response as soon as he was able to on the road with Vans Warped Tour. Is a special Kat-Jeffree episode of Judge Judy too much to hope for? 

Read Jeffree's new tweets below. Unsurprisingly, Kat has since told Jeffree to "stop lying" and that "BJ texted me that you reached out w a settlement proposal an hour after I posted video."

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