Kate Nash can't stop drinking about you.

On Friday (February 2), the British singer-songwriter released her colorful, high-energy music video for "Drink About You," the bubblegum-oozing lead single off her forthcoming album, Yesterday Was Forever.

Directed by Holychild's Liz Nistico, the free-spirited clip features Nash traipsing about the Los Angeles National Forest as she sings obsessively about a past lover against a flurry of bright, frantic power-pop beats.

Sonically, "Drink About You" sounds like a cross between Courtney Love's howling, melody-driven '90s alt-rock (particularly Hole's 1998 record, Celebrity Skin) and the glossy, catchy pop-rock of 2001's Josie and the Pussycats film soundtrack.

"'Drink About You' is about breaking up with someone and becoming obsessed with an idea of who they are, to the point you can’t think of anything else or move on," Nash shared in a press release. "It’s an unhealthy obsession, you imagine things are better than they are and latch on to whatever you can about the relationship that could be turned to good."

Watch the video, up top.

The singer's independent Kickstarter-funded fourth studio album, Yesterday Was Forever, is out March 30. The title is inspired by an excerpt from her teenage diary.

"I used to be mocked for being a silly little girl writing in her diary, but these days I feel like the teenage girl is far more respected than she use to be and it’s teenage girls that have fought for that and taught people that lesson," Nash explained in a statement. "Yesterday was forever is about your dreams being trapped in a time capsule, being caught in a moment for too long, and looking back through heart shaped glasses.”

Nash appeared in Holychild's music video for "Rotten Teeth" in 2016. The performer also stars as Rhonda "Britannica" Richardson on Netflix's hit series, GLOW, which recently wrapped filming for Season 2.

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