Katy Perry‘s Katy Cats are as creative as Lady Gaga‘s little monsters. One Perry fan created a claymation video for Perry’s latest lovelorn single, ‘Wide Awake,’ which she debuted live at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards last week. It’s a clever and cute visual re-enactment of the song, and the verdict is in. We like the Katymation version!

The video was a school project for the designer, who had to create action in the video that mimicked the lyrics. So we see Klaymation Katy falling from cloud nine and waking up on the concrete and then nursing her noggin with an ice bag, in a bit of a play on and creative license with the lyrics.

The Katymation version rocks a bright blue bob in some scenes, a nod to the recent coif that Perry sported.

It’s super duper cute and we think Perry should do something like this for the official video!

Watch Katy Perry ‘Wide Awake’ Claymation Video

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