Kellan Lutz shared his reaction and opinion about Stephenie Meyer's new Twilight novel, Midnight Sun, which he's currently reading.

Lutz, who portrayed the character of Emmett Cullen in all five of the hit teen vampire films, shared his excitement to learn more about his former character and gave the book his seal of approval.

"It’s here it’s finally here @midnightsuntwilightsaga," the actor wrote on Instagram. "I love learning more about Emmett while reading this book and Edwards's thoughts! So good! @twilight"

See his reaction post, below.

Midnight Sun tells the story of Twilight from vampire Edward Cullen's point of view.

Meyer announced the book days before its August 4 release. The novel comes after a twelve-year delay in its release. In 2008, an early draft of Midnight Sun leaked online, which, at the time, prompted Meyer to scratch her plans to release the book.

Following the release of Midnight Sun, Twihards crashed the author's website and made three variations of the spelling of Meyer's name trend on Twitter. Overall, fans seem to be enjoying the novel and have even given it a 4.9 star Google review.

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