Kelly Osbourne's experience at the 2017 New York City Pride March yesterday (June 25) eventually wound up down the drain...and a little bit in her shoe.

The fashion and entertainment personality, who stormed the streets of Manhattan with pal Sam Smith, experienced the plight of many march-goers when she had to desperately pee, but couldn't find a place to go. And when she thought a Starbucks near Chelsea finally spelled out salvation, she got one hell of a reality check.

"SHAME on U @Starbucks #PissedMyOwnPants in this location because UR shameful employees refused to let me use the [toilet] I have piss in my shoe," she tweeted with an extended middle-finger emoji.

Locals of the area insisted that the Starbucks in question doesn't even have a bathroom, and that Kelly was making a rainbow-flagged mountain out of a molehill (Starbucks eventually confirmed to PopCrush there's no bathroom at the branch).

"I love this location. They're very friendly. BTW, this location is so small- there is NO public restroom in this location," one follower noted, while another simply observed "is this drama?"

Osbourne's been an enduring ally to the LGBT community over the years. After the 2016 massacre at Orlando's Pulse nightclub, she tattooed the word "solidarity" into the side of her head, noting "The tragedy in Orlando devastated me and reminded me that every moment of our lives is precious. Every human is precious. Love hard. Live gracefully, authentically and with conviction, respect, purpose and compassion. Together we achieve what is impossible to those who stand alone. Those of us who embrace and respect freedom stand together, progress together, celebrate together and grieve together. You are not alone."

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