In the game of chess, you have to think before you move. Life is like that as well. In a hilarious Saturday Night Life skit, funnyman Kenan Thompson plays an old man name Sirus who tries to school a young kid, who he calls “Youngblood,” the game of Chess as it relates to life.

The problem here is every time the old man makes a move on the board, the young man schools him and beats him at his own game, making him a complete fool. At one point, he pulls out a troll doll and adds him on the chess board.

Octavia Spencer also appears in the skit as Janice, a friend who is watching on the sidelines and offers her snide commentary.

"Now your castle is your hitter, and if the castle sees some of them pawns coming at you, uh, now why did I do that?" remarks Sirus, before Youngblood makes his move and calmly yells, "checkmate."

Then Youngblood tells Sirus that he doesn't understand any of his sagely proverbs, to which Janice replies, "that's because he's full of s---," much to his Sirus' chagrin.

If watch the skit above, the video might remind you of the chess scene in the 1995 flick Fresh, where Samuel L. Jackson's fatherly character schools his son Fresh on the game of chess as it relates to life.

Wait for the ending, because there's a surprise twist that should bring a smile to your face.

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