Someone fit Kendall Jenner for a crown because — like it or not — she is the new queen of controversy.

Just a few weeks after Pepsi pulled an ad starring Jenner that came under fire for marginalizing the seriousness of police brutality, the supermodel has once again found herself under a microscope.

On Wednesday (May 3), Vogue India unveiled the brand new cover of its 10th anniversary issue, which finds Jenner dressed in an intricate black dress. The photo is beautiful, but its response was less so — many immediately criticized the magazine for featuring a white woman so prominently as part of a celebration of Indian artists. As far as many subscribers were concerned, a woman of color should have been the clear choice for Vogue's latest muse.

"Disappointed. Honestly Kendall is beautiful and nothing against her but why couldnt you highlight the beauty in India...who are breaking into the western markets by showing their abilities as actors and showing to the world that Indian is filled with beauty!" one Instagram follower noted, while another wrote "Celebrate India! Recognize Indian Women! Cater to and make money off of Indian Women! Put a white woman on the cover? Makes no sense."

In April, Caitlyn Jenner stepped forward to defend her daughter, and said that Pepsi and the entertainment industry are frequently more to blame for scandals than the actors and models whom they feature in campaigns.

“It wasn’t Kendall’s fault. Yes, it was a bad situation with Pepsi,” she said. “Kendall is the most wonderful, adorable, sweet young woman, OK? She’s a model. She got hired by Pepsi. She was very excited to go do a Pepsi commercial, kinda like Cindy Crawford did. And Cindy Crawford is like her hero and idol.”

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