Kesha is hard at work on her new record and has been for a while. We’re pretty much dying to hear it, and while we can’t quite yet (save for a snippet that Dr. Luke leaked), we did hear a bit about it — and it’s making us want more, more, more.

Kesha’s got about 17 tracks in the bag with Dr. Luke, though they’re all at various stages of completion. What kind of sound can we expect (aside from, well “cock pop“)? “I want it to be a mix of what works on the radio and what I listen to in my spare time,” Kesha told Rolling Stone (quotes via MTV). “I’m on a steady diet of T. Rex and Iggy Pop.” We already know Pop may be appearing on her album, as the duo shared studio time together. Other collaborators include Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips (oh, to be a fly on the wall during those studio sessions!) and Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney.

Aside from a sonic shift, Kesha admits that there’s a lyrical change, too — and a lot less AutoTune. “About 90 percent of the time, I don’t give a f—. But I give so many f—s about this album,” she said earnestly. “Some people weren’t sure if I could sing. On this record, I said ‘Let’s leave the tricks to a minimum and let me wail.’”

As for subject matter, Kesha revealed, “The first two records talked more about partying, which is a great, magical part of life. But some songs on the new record are more personal and vulnerable. And you can hear more of the music I listen to when I’m lying in my bed. I’m not claiming that it’s a rock record,” she clarified, “but as long as it’s f—ing good, you can call it whatever you want.”

When she’s not busy wailing and rocking out, what’s she doing? Giving and getting ink, one of which may be inspired by her new track, ‘Crazy Kids,’ which the mag described as her latest rendition of ‘We R Who We R.’ “I have so many terrible tattoos,” K-Dollar-Sign chuckled. “Giving prison tattoos is, like, my favorite thing.”

Watch the Kesha ‘We R Who We R’ Video

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