The Game Boy by Nintendo was one of the first handheld systems I owned. For me, it was technology ahead of its time. Never mind it was in black and white (or shades of green), I could play video games so long as I had batteries. I wasn't allowed to bring my Nintendo on family vacations, but this was portable enough that I could.

It breaks my heart that kids today don't realize how much technology has advanced and that something like this didn't really exist before.

The video starts with kids examining the original Game Boy. If you've never held one, they're a little heavy by today's standards. Kind of bulky. They're asked to put the game in the slot. You'll see they have a little trouble doing that. They comment on the gameplay as they play Tetris, which is a puzzle game that stands the test of time. In fact, I still play it. My daughter, who hates video games, will even play Tetris.

All in all, it's fun to see their reactions to something that blew my mind.

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